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face ( adv ) To engage in something heavily or extremely. Tonight I am going to drink face . [ University of Scranton , Scranton, PA, 1998 ] face time ( n ) A chance to meet people, usually of opposite sex. There's some great face time on
face (adv)
  To engage in something heavily or extremely. Tonight I am going to drink face. [University of Scranton, Scranton, PA, 1998]
face time (n)
   A chance to meet people, usually of opposite sex.  There's some great face time on the quad. [Cornell University, Ithaca, NY]
 faded (adj)
  Very drunk. We got so faded from drinking beer at the Beta party. [University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1998; University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV]
fag-hag (n) {offensive}
  A chick who likes to hang around with homosexual guys, or has a lot of homosexual male friends. Look at those people shopping over there...A fag and his fag-hag. [University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, 1998]
false messiah (n)
  Something or someone that is relied upon or looked up to, but really shouldn't be. It could be anything that is erroneously purported to be of value. Those nicotine patches are a false messiah; I started smoking again after 1 week. The party over at the Alpha Chi Omega house is a false messiah - we're not gonna get laid there tonight. [University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1999]
fam (n)
  Family; close friend that is like family. John is like fam to me. [Hampton University, Hampton, VA, 1998]
fantabulous (adj)
  Fantastic, fabulous. That test went fantabulous. [Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 1998]
far (n)
  Car; an acronym for Fat Ass Ride. So whose far we takin' tonight? [University of Georgia, Athens, GA; Berry College, Rome, GA , 1998]
fassy (n; nom) {vulgar; offensive}
  An insulting name for a person who upsets you because they are mean or rude, or playahatin'. Eh fassy, get out of my face! [University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1998]
fat-head (n)
  Someone who thinks they know it all, but they really make it up as they go along. Geez, you're a fat-head! [University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 1999]
fat like buttah' (adj)
  Extremely good; excellent. Man!, That hat is fat like buttah'. Did you see her? She was fat like buttah. [Fron Range Communtiy College, Northglenn, CO, 1998]
f-bomb (n)
  A usage of fuck or a variant in the wrong situation, usually used when recalling a situation. He dropped the f-bomb in English class today and the teacher went ballistic. [University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 1998]
feddies (n)
  Money, most usually $100 bills. He had a gang of feddies in his wallet! [University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, 1998]
federal (adj)
  Out of the ordinary; extremely good. That outfit he has on is federal. [Rockhurst College, Kansas City, MO, 1999]
feen   (v)
  To crave. I'm feening for some chocolate ice cream today. [UC-San Diego, San Diego, CA]
 fido (phr)
  An acronym for Fuck It, Drive On - a term of emotional resignation, getting past some set back or the like.  Fido, you'll get a date for the dance! [University of Georgia, Athens, GA]
fiend (v)
   To be in a psychological marijuana withdrawal, to greatly desire to smoke weed. I'm fiendin' today. Who's got the chronic? [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD; University of Delaware, Newark, DE]
fierce (adj)
   1.  Excited.   I'm fierce about the concert on Saturday. 2. Spastic.  That guy is so fierce; he trips on his own feet. [Ohio University, Athens,OH]
  1. (adj) Good; great (often applied to food or chronic). Damn, these are some fire cookies! [Indiana University, South Bend, IN, 1998] 2. (n) Marijuana. Who's got the fire? Let's light it up. [Jackson State University, Jackson, MS]
fire girl (n)
   A fine girl who is a hoodrat.  Sheila is a fire girl; she's hot! [Southern University, New Orleans, LA]
fire up the sun (v)
  To perform exceptionally well; to exceptionally skilled. I just fired up the sun on my finals. [Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO, 1999]
fish  (n)
   A female's vaginal area. She wasn't wearing any underwear so you could see her fish when she bent over. [Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA]
fitshaced (adj)
   Drunk, wasted, shitfaced. I got totally fitshaced at her party last night! [Ohio University, Athens,OH]
flail (v)
  1.  To perform poorly.  Help me out; I'm flailin' in bio. 2.  To be really intoxicated (mostly by weed). Ted was flailin' at that gig. [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC]
flake (n)
  An untrustworthy, unreliable, absentminded, oblivious, and/or inconsiderate person. Why did you ask Ahmed to take notes for you? He's the biggest flake I know. [Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1999]
flake on (v)
  To cancel an appointment with someone; to disappoint them; to absentmindedly forget them. I totally flaked on Bruce last night. I was feeling too sick to go out. [Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1999]
 flash (v)
  To all of the sudden lose one's temper. This other female was talking all crazy to me and I flashed on her! [California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, 1999]
flawed (adj)
  Untrustworthy; disloyal. Man, I can't believe you've got 3 chicks; you're flawed. [Howard University, Washington, D.C., 1998]
flex (v)
   1. To show off.  Check out Geoff; he's flexin' in that new Mustang. [Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA] 2. To prepare to fight with someone. Don't bug me. I'm about to flex! [University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1999]
flictatious (adj)
   To look beat, tired, out of the ordinary or busted.  After finals she was flictatious. [Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ]
flip da script (v)
  1. To turn the tables or to  avenge, especially revenge against an estranged lover.  She may have dumped me but I've still got her stereo so I'm gonna flip da script on her! [Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA]
flip mode (int)
  Used to exclaim disbelief, astonishment, surprise or a sign of stress. Flip mode! I didn't know the paper was due tomorrow?! [Jefferson Community College, Stubenville, OH, 1999]
flodge (v)
  To fake, pretend or perpetrate a fraud. She was trying to flodge with that cell phone, 'cause it ain't even on! [University of Tennessee, Memphis, Knoxville, TN, 1998]
  1. (v) To put forth one's best appearance. She's gonna floss for the dance tonight. [Bunkerhill Community College, Bunkerhill, PA, 1998] 2. (adj) Looking good; styling. [Paducah Community College, Paducah, KY]
fly (adj)
  Good looking; nice. Honey gots a fly ass. [Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York, 1998]
foine (adj)
  Attractive. That chick in the blue dress is foine! [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]
foolio (n)
  A joker, loser, or weirdo. That foolio over there is giving you the eye? What's that foolio all about? [UCLA, Westwood, CA, 1998]
   1. (v) To eat.   We're going to Burger King to food. Wann come? 2. (n) An event in which edibles are consumed. Cindy's got a crowd coming to watch Titanic. It'll be a food. [University of California at Los Angeles, Westwood, CA]
for real (fo' real) (int)
   That's true; I agree. For real! That is a hard class. [University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA]
40 (forty) (n)
   A 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor. Let's go to the liquor store and get some 40s.[University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX]
42 (adj)
  Cool; hip; got it going on. Clint is not 42. [Purdue University, Indianpolis, IN, 1998]
freakyfreak (freakyfreak of the week) (n; voc)
   1. Someone who is really strange.   There were a bunch of freakyfreaks at that party. [Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH]  2. A term of affection used between friends.   Hey freakyfreak, wanna dance? [Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH]  3. Someone who dresses and acts the opposite of a trend. Look at that freakyfreak. Why does he want to be so different? [Hawkeye Community College, Waterloo, IA, 1998]
freak nasty
  1. [Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH]  An expression of surprise. Freak nasty! I spilled sauce all over my new dress!! 2. (adj) Bad or surprising. That new cd is freak nasty. [Jefferson Community College, Stubenville, OH, 1999]
freak some'in {possibly offensive}(v)
  It means for a girl to do something hoish or triflin. Or to dance all up on a nigga. I thought she was serious but she was just freakin' some'in. [Dekalb College, Dunwoody,GA]
 frick (int)
  An expression of disgust. What the frick? We're having a pop quiz? [Pacific Lutheran University, Washington State University, WA, 1998]
fried (adj)
  1.  Intoxicated. That guy is totally fried. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]   2.  High on marijuana. He brought some killer chronic and we got fried. [St.Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada]
friendasaurus (n)
   The one less-attractive friend out of a group of friends, male or female. Usually the one who doesn't get many dates, etc. I got stuck with the friendasaurus at that party. [Illinois State University, Normal, IL]
fromage (n)
  Something that is unsavory, not cool due to out-datedness or all-around cheapness. A Trans-Am is pure fromage. [University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 1998]
front (v)
  1. To put up a front; to pretend to be something you aren't. That girl was frontin' about her dad being a millionaire! [University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 1998] 2. To talk about someone behind their back and then deny it to their face. She said she didn't tell him but I know she was just frontin'. [University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR]   3. You play yourself in front of others and you try to start something with some peoples. He was frontin' to them and almost started a fight. [Quinnipiac College, New Haven, CT]  
fruit (n)
  A loser, fool, or stupid person.You fruit; I can't believe you locked your keys in your car! [SUNY, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, 1998]
fruity (adj)
   1. Gay Don't bother macking on him; he's fruity. 2. Really odd, fits in with nobody. That girl is so fruity; no wonder she doesn't have any friends. [Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA]
fubar (adj)
  Fucked up beyond all recognition (usually from extreme intoxication). I was totallly fubar at Philip's party last night! [Delta State University, Cleveland, OH, 1998; University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, 1998; University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, 1998]
fuck {vulgar} (v)
  To have sexual intercourse. Man, we must have fucked for like two hours or something! [Mesa College, San Diego, CA, 1999]
fuck up {vulgar} (v)
  To harm; to mess up. You really fucked up when you missed that chemistry exam. [Mesa College, San Diego, CA, 1999]
fuckbuddy {potentially vulgar} (n)
  A friend or acquaintance with whom you have sex regularly but who isn't quite a boyfriend or a girlfriend because the relationship isn't romantic and may not get any deeper than the physical connection. They provide a regular sexual outlet. I couldn't deal with a boyfriend, too much hassle - that's why I'm glad that Jake and I are fuckbuddies. I get my groove on with no strings attached. [Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1999]
fucked up {potentially vulgar} (adj)
   Intoxicated. I was so fucked up last night, I couldn't find my way home. [SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY]
fuckinaye (fuckin' A) {potentially vulgar} (int)
  Used to agree, say yes, yeah, etc. Used in place of "Hell yeah" or "right on". Did you hear Dave got an A? Fuckinaye dude! That's sweet, eh? You're getting a new car? Fuckin' A! [Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA, 1999]
fucknut (n)
   A stupid person; a dumbass; someone who fucks up a lot. Eric is a total fucknut; he's flunking College 101! [Palm Beach Community College, West Palm Beach, FL]
fuckrey (n)
   Something untrue; bullshit. I got a C? That's fuckrey! [Florida A & M, Tallahassee, FL]
fucksauce gobbler {vulgar, probably offensive}(n)
   A person who swallows semen from a bodily orifice after it has been produced during an act of intercourse.  You fucksauce gobbler. Wake up and smell the roses. [Harvard University, Cambridge, MA]
fudge factory (n)
  Messily defecating in one's tidy whiteys. Tye turned his Fruit of the Looms into a fudge factory. [University of Houston, Houston, TX, 1998]
fugly (adj)
   Extremely ugly (fucking ugly). Usually used to describe a girl. His date is fugly! [University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV; Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA]
fully (adv)
   Completely; totally.  I'm fully wasted after being up all night. [Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL]
fundas  (n)
  Fundamentals; basics. His fundas are good but he can't seem to get the higher order stuff. [BITS, Pilani, India, 1999]
funk  (n)
  Body odor. You got some bad funk. Don't you ever shower? [University of Houston, Houston, TX]