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a class act ( n ) A great guy. He's my best buddy; he's a class act . [ UC Berkeley , Berkeley, CA, 1998 ] ace ( v ) To leave wherever you are at without further delay Yo bro , let's ace or we're gonna miss this thing [ University of Orego
a class act (n)
  A great guy. He's my best buddy; he's a class act. [UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 1998]
ace (v)
  To leave wherever you are at without further delay Yo bro , let's ace or we're gonna miss this thing [University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 1999] Used mostly by stoners. (Judi's comment: Surely there are no stoners in Eugene! Gee, there weren't any there when I was a student at U of O . . . )
A.C. Slaters  (int)
  A way to say good-bye; peace, see ya later. [North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC]
ag (adj)
  Crazy; fun. [University of San Diego, San Diego, CA] (primarily used by surfers)
aight (adj)
  Acceptable; alright; okay. He ain't all that; he's aight though. [Illinois State University, Normal, IL, 1999; University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA]
Ain't dat some shit! (phr)
  Has both good and bad connotations, but is usually used as a response to express great awe at something someone else said. [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD]
älde" or "älden hyvä" (adj)
  "Älde" comes from "ällöttävä", which means ugly or disgusting and "hyvä" means good. So "älden hyvä" means something very or super good, fun(NY) or exciting. (These words are of course in Finnish language, notice!) The phrase can also be used sarcastically. That joke was älden hyvä. He is älden hyvä dancer. The weather's Älden hyvä ! [Helsinki, Finland, 1998]
all about (adj)
  1. Something you are very enthusiastic about or very into; something you want. I'm all about surfing the web during work hours. I'm all about that gorgeous guy over there. [University of Minnesota, Minneapolis , 1998; University of Georgia at Athens, Athens, GA, 1998; Ottawa University, Ottawa, KS , 1998; Elizabethtown University, PA] 2. What is important in a given situation. It's all about making the grade. [Smith College, Northampton, MA] 3. An intensifying phrase. You put it in front of a gerund. He's all about eating. Cheri's all about hooking up. Professor Stewart is all about grading on the curve. [Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1999]
all fawked up (adj)
  Really drunk; really intoxicated; really high; totally obliterated. After that party last night, I was all fawked up! [Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI]
all over it (phr)
  To be very interested or involved in something.  The bio project? I'm all over it! [University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA]
all up in (someone) (phr)
  To be sexually involved with someone. Don't mack on him; he's all up in Katie. [Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD]
all up in da koolaid and don't kno da flava! (phr)
  When someone is intrusive about something that is none of their business and about which they know nothing. Stay outta this man, u all up in da koolaid and don't even kno da flava! [Tulsa Junior College, Tulsa, OK, 1999]
all you (n)
  Completely about or involving one person. I'll do the book report, but the graphing is all you. Don't front; that was all you. Can you help me clean? Nope, that's all you. [UCLA, Westwood, CA, 1998]
ally (adj) {offensive
  Ghetto; of poor quality. [Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA]
amp down (v)
  To calm down; to quiet down. Girl, you need to amp down. [Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, 1999]
aneewayz (int)
  Whatever you say; it doesn't matter.   You wanna see a flick? Aneewayz. . .   [Fresno State University, Fresno, CA]
arbid (adj)
  Everything in general and nothing in particular. (Derived from arbitrary) That was one really arbid movie..... he's quite arbid when marking our papers... [National Law School, Bangalore, India, 1999]
ass (n)
  The last and worst hit from a bowl of marijuana. That hit was total ass. [University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK, 1999]
ass cold (adj)
  Very cold--generally, below 0 degrees Celsius. Man, it's ass cold today. [University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, 1998] (Thankfully, not something familiar in southern California!)
ass-master (n) {offensive}
  Jerk, idiot; term for someone you don't like. [University of Delaware, Newark, DE]
ass out/ assed out (adj) {possibly offensive
  Broke or dumb out of luck. I am assed out for my class this afternoon 'cuz I forgot to do my homework. [Edison College, Ft. Myers, FL.; University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 1999]
ass pirate (n) {offensive}
  Gay male. That guy has to be an ass pirate. [University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN, 1998]
atem (n)
  The phonetic way to say ATM. I have to go to atem before we hit the mall. [Spelman College, Atlanta GA, 1998]
awfuck (int)
  An expression used to indicate displeasure. Awfuck, do I have to go to this stupid meeting. [West Chester University, West Chester, PA, 1998]
awfuck's disease (n)
  A feeling of displeasure and/or disappointment--often occurring when waking up after a long night of drinking next to an unattractive person and thinking, "Awfuck, why did I do that!" I had awfuck's disease this morning when I woke up next to that nasty guy I took home from the party last night. [Ball State University, Muncie, IN, 1998]